Eresos valley


On the island of Lesbos and in Sappho’s lovely village, Eresos.

Summer 2019 Program

Courses in Modern Greek will be offered from the end of April 2019 to the middle of November 2019.

They may last one, two or more weeks, according to the wishes of students.

Nikos Dais, the main teacher of the courses, is a native speaker of Greek and specialized in teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language to international students. He is also fluent in English, French and Italian.

Intensive courses will be offered for two to four hours from Monday to Friday.

Regular courses will be offered for fewer hours according to agreement.

The courses are addressed both to individual students (private lessons) and to small groups of students who have a similar level in Modern Greek, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced.

The method of instruction will be conversational and creative, including writing and homework. It will enable students to advance fast and enjoy speaking and writing in Greek.

Each lesson will contain a small section on Greek culture. Songs, poems and interesting information on Lesbos and Eresos, will complement the linguistic work and offer insights into the soul of the people.

Books and other teaching materials will be provided by the Greek Courses. Coffee, tea and biscuits as well.

Intensive courses of one or two weeks

For individual students two hours daily are recommended. For groups of two or three students, three hours are needed. Lessons will be given during the morning. The weekends will be free for sightseeing and relaxation.

Pythari Monastery in Eresos
Pythari Monastery in Eresos

Every course will include a dinner in Skala (the seaside resort) or in the upper village of Eresos, offered by the Greek Courses.

Every course may also include some of the following optional activities on Saturday:

  1. A visit to the archaeological museum of Eresos, and a guided tour of the remains of the ancient acropolis and port. Also a presentation of  life in the ancient city-state of Eresos, and of the unique system of direct democracy and its important differences from modern representative systems.
  2. A visit to the beautiful valley of Eresos and its chapels, probably built at the sites of ancient shrines. This will be combined with the discussion of the poetry of Sappho, the legendary poetess who was born in ancient Eresos. The participants will be invited to respond and contribute their thoughts on some of Sappho’s poems.
  3. A visit to the impressive gorges of the Pythari monastery and its lake, followed by a stroll through the cobbled streets of the stone-built village of Eresos, situated four kilometres inland from the beach.
The scenic square of the village of Eresos
The scenic square of the village of Eresos

Accomodation and instruction.

A. The Oleander House

Students are welcome to stay at the Oleander House, which is situated on the beautiful slope of a hill that overlooks the valley and beach of Eresos. Surrounded by oleanders, olive trees and oaks, the house is about 90 sq.m2 and can accommodate up to three persons. Its attic has one large bedroom with double bed, connected by staircase to a living room with sofa bed, both forming one space which is air conditioned. It also has a large kitchen, large toilet with shower, and a separate small bedroom (not air conditioned) with single bed and door to the veranda. There is also a second (external) toilet about 15 meters away.

The Oleander House has many windows which invite the summer breezes and is also supplied with fans. All windows and doors have screens, which prevent flies and other insects. It also has three verandas and a lower yard with hammocks. The house is fully equipped with appliances and utensils, and a washing machine is available in the storage house nearby.

The property is extended (about 9000 m2) and full of oaks and olive trees, as well as many kinds of birds.  It is situated in a most quiet area of the Eresos countryside, ideal for reading, walking, birdwatching (Lesbos is notable for this) and relaxing on the hammocks. It is about ten minutes by car or forty minutes on foot from the seaside settlement of Skala Eresos, following a winding dirt road.

The rent of the Oleander House  per day is the following:

May: 50 euros,  June: 55,  July: 65,  August: 75,  September: 65,  October: 50.

The Oleander House is also rented through airbnb as the ‘Oleander House on the Hill’

The Oak House

The classes will take place in the shaded yard of the Oak House (the teacher’s house), situated about 25  metres away from the Oleander House, within the same property.

B. The Paradise Studios.

Students who wish to stay close to the beach, may rent one of the Paradise Studios, located at Skala Eresos. They are at a five-minute walk from the sea and the village square, very close to supermarkets, coffee houses, bars and taverns.

The ten studios are bright, air-conditioned and have their own toilets with shower. Each contains two single beds, which can be joined to form one large bed. They are equipped with TV, fridge, kitchenette and kettles to enjoy coffee or tea on your balcony or in the garden. They also offer free Wi-Fi and free parking on-site. Breakfast is not offered.

You can see the studios here:

The cost of each studio is:

May: 25 euros for one person, 30 euros for two persons.   June: 30/35,   July: 35/40,  August: 45/50

Paradise Studios
The Paradise Studios

 Note: if you prefer to arrange your accommodation in Eresos on your own, you are still welcome to attend the Greek Courses. In this case you will only pay the tuition.

Tuition fees.

Tuition fees will be reasonable and will depend on the number of participants and number of hours desired. Please ask about them by contacting:

In your email please state the length of your stay in Eresos and the number of teaching hours per day that you wish to have. Please describe your level of Modern Greek, both written and spoken, and whether you have any knowledge of Ancient Greek. You may add any preferences and interests you have in literature, history, music, dance or other aspects of Greek culture.

Please state whether you wish to stay in the Oleander House or the Paradise Studios or elsewhere. Also the number of persons who will be with you, whether they are interested in taking lessons of modern Greek and at what level. In this way you will receive a full offer.

Aphrodite teaching Eros how to shoot
Bronze mirror-cover with Aphrodite teaching Eros how to shoot (fourth century BCE)

Registration, Payment and Cancellation.

In order to confirm your registration, you will be asked to pay in advance 20% of the total cost, which includes tuition and accommodation. You can pay the remaining sum when you come to Eresos. Refunds will be given up to two months before your arrival. No refunds will be given after this point, but you can use your advance payment for another course in the future.

Note: in case you have arranged your accommodation in Eresos on your own, your advance payment will only regard the tuition fees.

Sappho bust inscribed Sappho of Eresos
Sappho bust inscribed “Sappho of Eresos”. Roman copy of a 5th century BCE Greek original.


If your stay is relatively short, we recommend that you rent a car, which you will receive when you arrive at the airport. In this way you will drive the 95 kilometres from the airport to Eresos (a taxi will cost you about 100 euros one way), you will commute daily from our property to Skala and you will be able to tour the big island of Lesbos. Please ask the rental company for a car slightly higher than average, so that it can handle better the narrow dirt roads of our area.

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